CASE STUDY: Load Builder Application

The Load Builder application is one PracticalTek built for a customer who had rather complicated loads placed on their trucks.

These loads included parts shipped to their customer, as well as, containers that housed additional parts. They needed to track quantities, weights, JobAsms, JobMtls, and needed to record other specifics pertaining to everything on the truck. Furthermore, they needed to ensure the items added to the truck were both accurate and necessary.

The Load Builder application allowed them to do just that. After opening the screen, they would specify parent records. The parent data, more or less, went by the Sales Order Number in Epicor®.

Note: each screenshot below has been manipulated for privacy.

For each order, there could be multiple Loads (that is trucks) being sent to the customer. The user would put in information for each individual truck on the Load Detail tab (including BOL information):
LB3 1024x850
Next, the user would specify the individual items placed on the truck (not in containers). These were called Loose Items.
To add a loose item, the user would click on the new dropdown and select “New Loose Item”. After doing that, a special screen would open called the Loose Items Dashboard:
This screen would show each JobNum associated to the order on the load. It allowed the user to select each individual item they wanted to add to the truck as a loose item. They could add as many items as they would like. To add an item, the user would simply check the “Select” checkbox in the grid, or check “Select All” to add all the items. After selecting every item on the truck, they would click the “Add” button. The screen would then update the Load Builder application by adding each row selected:
This ensured accuracy at the load level, pertaining to the Job and the Order. This is because the user would not be able to change the job information after adding the line:
LB7 1024x819
It also ensured the user could enter the items quickly. The Container Detail tab was used to add containers and their associated details (weight, type, dimension, etc.):
Containers also had lines:

Container Lines were added just as the Loose Items were, using the Loose Items Dashboard described above.

The Load Builder could be a solution for you and your organization. In the end, it empowered the user to enter in accurate data, at a very fast pace. Furthermore, it showed each truck and its contents going out to the customer. Please remember, everything above can be customized to fit your needs perfectly.
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