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PracticalTek is an authorized Sage® X3 partner


Epicor® for Dummies:
  • From one version to another (Epicor® Vantage service, Epicor® Vantage software, Epicor® 9 services, Epicor® 10 features, Epicor® p21 services, Epicor® Avante software, Epicor® Enterprise, Epicor® Prophet 21 erp, Epicor® Vista, plus more).
Epicor® Installations/Customizations
  • Epicor® financial management software, Epicor® manufacturing software, Epicor® mes customization, Epicor® social enterprise, Epicor® handheld customization, Epicor® mes and more.
Crystal Reports® (We are Global EXPERTS with Crystal)
  • Development
  • Training – Basic, Intermediate or Advanced
SQL Server Reporting Services (We are Global EXPERTS with SSRS)
  • Development
  • Training – Basic, Intermediate or Advanced
Business Process Reviews and Re-Engineering
  • Are you utilizing the system to its fullest?
  • Do you have any processes that need to be examined or improved?
  • Let us help you maximize your investment
Project Management (Certified PMP with PMBOK Methodologies)
  • Small or Large Projects
  • On Time and On Budget
  • Work Plans, Schedules, Deliverables
MS SQL Server and Progress Databases Support
  • Setup
  • Performance Tuning
  • Upgrades
  • Scripting
New Installs
  • From legacy to a new Epicor® ERP solution
Data Migration, DMT, Export/Import Tools, and One Time Applications Customization’s (Epicor® maintenance module Screens/Forms)
  • BPM’s, BAM’s, BAQ
  • Screens/Forms
  • Analysis
  • Product Configurator
Network Infrastructure
  • Setup and Configure Routers, Switches
  • Cabling
  • Servers – Purchase, Setup, Configure
  • Forms Reviewing and Customizing
  • Scheduling. Expertise with leading teams to implement scheduling systems.
  • Functional Areas
  • System Startup Review
  • Company Configuration review
  • Software Installation
  • Workflow Design
  • Cut-Over/GO LIVE Support
  • Dashboards, KPI’s, Business Metrics
  • Epicor® manufacturing erp and more 
Information Technology Management
  • PracticalTek (an independent professional services provider) can help with recruiting, team-building, leadership and IT strategy development. PracticalTek Consulting strategizes infrastructure architecture, recruiting, team-building, and leadership. With leading Epicor® erp help, we streamline business processes faster and more efficiently, year after year!
At Practical Tek, We Continue to Offer Powerful and Leading Solutions Since 1997. We are:
  • Flexible & responsive
  • Always developing solutions for complex business efficiencies 
  • Collaboratively skilled
  • Intelligently inquisitive and always offering advanced strategies

Our clients have said our, “Development team is great – very easy to reach and get along with/communicate with. Being small helps us to be more attentive/accessible to our customers.”

Our clients have also stated that Practical Tek is, “Always researching best ways to market and reach out to companies.” 

We look forward to helping you and your business efficiencies with PracticalTek and Epicor® solutions. Contact us today!

Services We Offer:

Accounting Support
Active Directory administration & design
Automation of Repetitive End User Steps
Bar Coding
Chart of Account Restructure
Chart of Account Setup Assistance
Crystal Reports®/Business Objects
Customer Relationship Management
Desktop Support (Windows XP/Vista/7)
Disaster Planning/Prevention/Recovery
End User Training Packages
Enterprise Performance Management
Financial Management
General Support across all modules
Global Business Management
Governance, Risk and Compliance
Information Technology Management
Integration Solutions to Other Systems
Managed Services
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft FRx Financial Reporting
Microsoft SQL Server
Multi Company Setup
Network Support (Windows Server 2003/2008)
Planning and Scheduling
Process Reviews
Product Data Management
Production Management
Production Support
Remote Access
Remote and Onsite Services
Report Writing – FRx, AFR, MR, Crystal, Epicor® Explorer
RF Handheld Technology

  • Epicor® to/from UPS and FedEx
  • Other ERP and Add-On Systems

ROI Review
Sales Management
Service Management
Software Customization
Software Implementation
Software Upgrades – Epicor®, Epicor® 9 features, Epicor® 10.1, Epicor® 10.2, Epicor® p21 software, FRx, SQL, Crystal, and more
SQL Reporting Services
SQL Scripting
Supply Chain Management
Systems Analysis
System Customizations

Click here to visit the Crystal Reports® Website. 

PracticalTek (an authorized Sage® X3 partner) provides innovative, award-winning business and information systems consulting solutions for Sage® X3. Imagine a new generation ERP you can get excited about. Sage® X3 offers an agile, intuitive and accessible business management solution that enables your team to take control of your entire business from supply chain to sales. A perfect fit whether you work within a local market or global with multi-site, multi-currency, multi-ledger or multi-national requirements.

  • Hosted on-site on our optimized servers
  • Custom business intelligence and analysis reports
  • 24/7 service & support

PracticalTek (an authorized Sage® X3 partner) and Sage® X3 will streamline your company and boost productivity numbers thru the roof!

Sage X3® Services & Support

Sage X3® Application Consulting

Our team of experienced system integrators will work with your team to create custom reports, handle error resolution and training, create brand new implementations, assist with data importation, web site integration, system audits and more to help make the most of your Sage® X3 ERP. PracticalTek (an authorized Sage® X3 partner) will help make your business processes more productive and profitable.

Sage X3® Training

PracticalTek (an authorized Sage® X3 partner) offers novice to advanced level teaching for Sage® X3. Education could be on-site, off-site, or web-based. Our Sage® X3 team is a highly trained, experienced group comprised of solution architects, project managers, developers, technical and business consultants all dedicated to helping your business succeed.

Sage X3® System Audits

PracticalTek (an authorized Sage® X3 partner) Sage® X3 system audits have helped companies successfully maximize their business systems for decades. PracticalTek (an authorized Sage® X3 partner) system audits and support will make sure your Sage® X3 ERP will always perform at it’s highest level.

Sage X3® Upgrades

PracticalTek (an authorized Sage® X3 partner) will walk you through the Sage® upgrade process, making sure it is as quick and smooth as possible. Our upgrade experts have extensive experience in migrating from previous Sage® technology to the very latest releases of the Sage®  operating software.

Sage X3® Customizations

Get the most out of your Sage® X3 system with our enhancements and customizations. The PracticalTek (an authorized Sage® X3 partner) team of consultants and developers are experts when it comes to designing solutions to exactly fit clients requirements.

Sage X3® Support

PracticalTek (an authorized Sage® X3 partner) offers Sage® X3 Consulting, Programming and Technical Support services to help your company maximize the potential of your Sage® X3 ERP.

Sage X3® Project Management

With decades of experience managing successful ERP projects PracticalTek (an authorized Sage® X3 partner) has developed a repeatable methodology that makes sure deliverables stay within budget and are completed on time.

Sage X3® Implementation Services

The PracticalTek (an authorized Sage® X3 partner) team of solution architects, project managers, developers, technical and business consultants will ensure that your Sage® X3 ERP gets implemented correctly and in a timely manner.

Sage® X3 Benefits

Sage® X3 is Agile

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Sage® X3 is Intuitive

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Sage® X3 is Accessible

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Sage® X3 offers the functionality and technology you need to achieve your goals:

  • Streamline Your Operations
  • Enhance Business Insights
  • Workflow
  • Enhanced Collaboration
  • Grow Your Business
  • Reduce Cost
  • Technology

Sage® X3 Has Modules For All Industries

Put your company in the fast lane with Sage® X3 ERP software designed to meet your unique needs. Setting your company apart from the competition often means speeding up your business processes to reduce lead times and Sage® X3 ERP can help make your business processes more efficient and profitable.

Modern wholesale distributors face growing challenges from fierce competition in a globalized market to ever increasing supply chain complexity. Sage® X3 can help you stifle rising costs while helping to meet customer demands for more choices, faster fulfillment, and lower rates.

Sage® X3 helps service companies meet their biggest challenge which is to meet client’s needs and expectations while maintaining profitability. Sage® X3 provides innovative ways to eliminate inefficiencies, free up capital for investments, cut IT costs, increase revenue and win new customers.

Food and beverage manufacturers have to deal with a unique set of industry-specific requirements and regulations. Sage X3® will help you efficiently fill customer orders, control inventory, plan production, and maintain quality all while keeping you ahead of the competition and exceeding customer expectations.

Petro-Chemical manufacturers and distributors looking to operate a profitable organization are know that organization and access to data is paramount. Sage X3® provide you a flexible business management solution that will react and scale to the ever-changing needs of your business.

Bio-Tech manufacturers know that their company success depends on having an industry specific solution and Sage® X3 can help improve information transparency and efficiently deal with an increasing array of regulatory requirements while helping to ensure that your products conform to quality standards and meet the demands of customers.

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Reasons To Switch To Sage® X3


Sage® X3 will help control your bottom line with the real-time visibility and accuracy you need.

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Sage® X3 helps to ensure optimal efficiency through real-time inventory status monitoring.

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Sage® X3 will help you keep up with demand and efficiently manage your manufacturing process.

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Sage® X3 will help you manage your clients and well managed clients are happy clients.

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  • Functionality, Not Complexity
  • Integration, Not Interface
  • Scalability, Not Add-Ons
  • Browser Based, Not Web-Enabled
  • Multi-Country by Design
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Commitment to Success, Not Loyalty Programs

Changing to a new management system is an important decision. To make sure the new system will meet your expectations, you’ll need to go through a rigorous selection process and see what vendors can offer to best meet your requirements.

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PracticalTek is an authorized Sage® X3 partner

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