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“The straight forward approach was a relief and I appreciate how the PTS team jumped straight in despite the complex challenges we faced.  I was able to speak with Jim directly several times which provided a great amount of comfort, I never had any trouble reaching him and/or a member of his team.

The team at PTS assisted in arranging meetings in which we discussed complicated business process and procedure requirements. This sped up the improvement process significantly.  PTS’ methodology was a perfect fit to quickly and thoroughly address our needs and provide solutions.

The functional results that were produced as a result of Jim’s team were a key component in keeping operations running.  Moreover, their skills for development are extraordinary.  On top of his work, Jim’s team also provided excellent support. They dealt with questions ranging from the absolute basics to advanced easily and with an air of patience that can only be described as completely forgiving!

In short, I would have no hesitation in recommending PTS to any prospective client and I would be happy to answer any questions related to this reference.”

— Olmsted Products • Industrial Pump Industry

“I found PracticalTek with a Google search.  I spoke and met with Jim Chance and had a lengthy discussion about his company’s capabilities.  Everything sounded well as they possessed the capabilities we wanted, the reasonable rate and low risk.  That is, if this did not work out, I could sever the relationship quickly and move on. We have provided PTS with detailed specs often with screen-shots.  Our initial specs were for relatively simple customization’s.  We found that PTS worked very efficiently and coordinated very well with the project team. Today the staff of PTS is tackling our most complex customization and is working with us on other Epicor® implementation issues.  We also will utilize their report-writing capabilities shortly.  Because of this positive relationship, I highly recommend PTS for their efficiency, knowledge, communications and professionalism. “

— Doble Engineering • Electric Power Industry

Dynamic Metals was in need of system change.  Both Culture and Processes needed improvement.  Multiple attempts have been made over the last 10 years with our current system to reimplement, upgrade and improve processes with little success.  Dynamic was stuck in manual mode and we needed assistance to break the culture and improve processes.  We met with PTS  to discuss our options.  We decided to utilize their services as they are familiar with our current system as well as the system we are in the process of implementing.  PTS  completed a thorough review of our current state understanding that we want to improve our processes using best practices with the new system.  The PTS staff has been knowledgeable, professional and is allowing us to implement with fewer resource hours from our staff.  With their assistance and guidance we have garnered enthusiasm throughout the organization for change that otherwise would have been a difficult task.  They have ensured with constant communication to mitigate any potential scheduling roadblocks in order to maintain the target schedule.  I look forward to completing the implementation and working with PTS on future improvements in our processes. I would certainly recommend PTS for consulting needs.

— Dynamic Metals • Aerospace and Defense Industry
Epicor® Prophet 21 Support & Services:

Epicor® Prophet 21, a cloud-ready, highly customizable ERP software uniquely designed for wholesale distributors, offers a variety of solutions to meet the needs of businesses.Some of the features of Epicor® Prophet 21 ERP include, but are not limited to, the following:

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  • Business analytics: This helps businesses manipulate and interpret their data as well as obtain actionable business intelligence.
  • Ecommerce: This lets businesses easily manage multiple branded websites. It also lets businesses optimize the digital experience for their customers
  • Financial management: With this feature, businesses can easily manage and monitor complex financial transactions, audit financial systems faster, and streamline inventory receipts as well as purchase orders.
  • Supply chain management: This solution enables businesses to optimize their supply chain for improved efficiency, reduced waste, and demand forecasting, among others.
  • Customer relationship management: Businesses using this feature are better able to accurately forecast sales, target new and at-risk customers, and improve sales lead-to-close ratio.
  • Enterprise content management: With this module, businesses are better able to capture, organize, store, and retrieve electronic data
  • Ad-Hoc consulting or Help Desk
  • Issue forensics
  • General troubleshooting
  • Support for all modules
  • Full or Partial system audits/discoveries and recommendations
  • Form enhancements
PracticalTek’s Prophet 21 Services:
As a wholesale distributor, you may want to upgrade your Epicor® Prophet 21 ERP to enhance its functionality or add additional features to expand its capabilities; alternatively, you may want to get started with Epicor® Prophet 21 for your business. With experience since 1989, if you are in any of these situations, you should contact our expert PracticalTek Consultants to help you realize these needs.
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At PracticalTek, we provide support and services for Epicor® Prophet 21 ERP. We work with businesses to determine their operational needs, and then offer as well as implement the right Epicor® Prophet 21 ERP solution to meet that need. Additional services that we provide include:
  • Training: We train users on how to optimally use their ERP software
  • Go-live: We work with businesses in adopting new Epicor® Prophet 21 modules or getting started with Epicor ® Prophet 21 ERP for the first time
  • User and security setup: We set up new users with Epicor® 21 ERP based on the security policies and guidelines of the business
  • Data manipulation: We extract, validate, and format data to match Prophet 21 database standards
  • Development: We add value to Epicor® development services to maximize visibility, business methodology, and customer satisfaction
  • Consultations: We provide consultations for Epicor®, Epicor® 9, and Epicor® 10, so you can see if your company is getting the most out of those services
  • Upgrades: We facilitate a seamless transition of Epicor® upgrades focusing on processes and requirements ensuring you upgrade only the services you need
  • New Implementations: We’ll ensure you implement your software the most beneficial way to support your business with our Epicor® implementation services that follow Epicor® best practices
For more information about our services, and to get started, contact us.

Did you know? We also work with a variety of other Epicor® systems, including Epicor® ERPEpicor® Avante, Epicor® Enterprise and Epicor® Vantage.