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How to extract a large amount of data using a command prompt and DMT (Requires Epicor® 10.1 or later)

Extracting data out can be a cumbersome task and very time consuming. Running a DMT extract via the command prompt is much easier and quicker. It utilizes a BAQ that pulls the data and then writes the data to an excel file. All this is done automatically by typing a few commands into the command prompt and then letting the program do the rest. This is a great feature that can save clicks, reduce time, and make data extracts less painful for DMT.

Change the number of returned records in any Epicor® search window.

Ever tried viewing a large portion of your parts in a search window inside of Epicor®? Epicor® by default sets a small number of records to return every time you run a search. Some customers require a larger return of records for parts, sales orders, jobs, etc. This default setting can be changed to show more records in any Epicor® search window and can be changed on a per client basis because not every person who runs Epicor® needs to see a large number of returns and not to mention having the ability to set this on a per client basis keeps performance impact at a minimum.