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PracticalTek Is An Epicor® Independent Professional Services Provider

PracticalTek (an Epicor® erp consulting independent professional services provider) provides innovative, award-winning business and information systems consulting solutions with a focus on Epicor® Kinetic, Epicor® 10, Epicor® 10.1 features, Epicor® 9, Vantage® 8, Epicor® Hosting and more. Our firm blends IT management, development experience, entrepreneurial skills, business acumen, and practical sense. We deliver cost-effective solutions to business-specific challenges with remote and onsite services.

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We specialize in Epicor® Customizations. Customizations can be described as anything that changes an Epicor® screen. These changes can be as small as making a text box bigger to type in, to as large as building an entire application from scratch.

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Product Epicor® Configurator gives you the ability to allow your customers to custom order your product. If your product allows for custom configurations or specifications then you may want to explore the powerful tools that Product Configurator provides.

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Epicor® 10 increased the need for C# skills. The shift to C# may cause issues for your custom work, metrics, reporting and other packages, especially those created by third parties. Don’t let previous developers leave you stranded get professional consulting from PracticalTek.

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PracticalTek can not only create or customize bug-free BPMs, but we can also work with management to identify where additional functionality will help streamline your workflows, improve alerting and reporting functions and many other useful things.

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SSRS is a report-building platform that provide valuable business information to help improve productivity and performance. Our trained Epicor® SSRS report builders can help streamline your business performance with tailored reports that meet your unique needs

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PracticalTek provides consulting for companies who run Epicor® and want to use it to the fullest with custom, integrated dashboard development. Work with PracticalTek to build a robust and specialized look into your operations with our Epicor® dashboard development customization services.

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PracticalTek offers a variety of Epicor® handheld customizations based on client needs. The bulk of this work involves customization of the screen layout for a handheld application so you can operate successfully in new environments or optimize your use cases.

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Anything you do in Epicor® can be automated through Service Connect® allowing you to merge your Epicor® system with an external system (or business process). We have developed Epicor® service connect solutions for numerous versions and have a library of over 200 service connect solutions.

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 One of the biggest benefits of an enterprise resource planning platform such as Epicor® is its robust data gathering capabilities. PracticalTek can help you use Epicor® Crystal Reports to your advantage and customize reports so you can make smarter decisions.