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Stanley Machining needed a quick turnaround on development and creation of many complex
dashboards to help streamline our business flow.
PTS (Practical Technical Solutions) expertise in the field of Vantage/Epicor® was a tremendous
help in the creation of these dashboards and has since streamlined the way we process certain
information in our plant. Not only was the response from their team quick and professional,
there rate per hour is extremely competitive.
I would go so far as to say. Epicor® can learn some lessons from PTS in regards to their consulting,
implementation and billing process.
Stanley Machining would recommend PTS as a trusted source in assisting with any ERP

— Stanley Machining & Tool • Steel Machining Industry

“We have been using Practical Technology Solutions for about 8 months now to augment my 1 person Epicor® staff.  We are using PTS to help us with screen changes, report development, BAQ/BPM development, performance advice, solution design, system integration, and functional consulting.  We have been very happy with their work.  They have always been clear about work estimates and stayed within them.  Their technical quality has been excellent and their cost reasonable. PTS has always been able to address our requirements even in emergency situations. I would recommend PTS as a partner for Epicor® technical services and continue to use them. “

— Kadant Black Clawson, Inc. • Global Engineered Systems Industry

“We are a growing Engineering and Manufacturing company within the Mail Order Pharmacy industry.  About a year ago, we purchased Epicor® 10 as a tool to help us grow the company and link all departments from a system point of view.  Epicor® sales presentation provided the proof that these goals would be met with this software. We fortunately found Jim Chance at PTS.  He has been working with us over the past quarter, with all of our testing and implementation (go-live) pain points.  He has spent many long hours with us onsite, understanding our company and our needs as it relates to Epicor®.  He is currently helping us to develop processes, procedures, forms, and BAQ’s for each end user and each department, on an as-needed basis.  I have found him and his team to be extremely knowledgeable in all areas within Epicor® – from production to finance – which has made him and his team extremely valuable to our company as we embark on this software implementation. ”

— R/X Automation Solutions, Inc. • Mail Order Pharmacy Industry
Volume and Experience
  • We have developed Epicor® service connect solutions for versions: Epicor® Vantage 8, Epicor® 9, Epicor® 10
  • We have a library of over 200 service connect solutions
  • Using CSV or XML we use this tool as a “plug-in” as an interface with applications/data that come from non-Epicor systems
  • We have experience with the web services associated with the service connect workflows
  • We have developed simple to extremely complex workflows 
  • We can replicate nearly any Epicor® process/procedure utilizing this tool
  • We are Epicor® service connect consultants
  • We can help you with Epicor® service connect installations
Anything you do in Epicor® can be automated through Service Connect®. This ability allows you to merge your Epicor® system with an external system (or business process). You can generate records in Epicor® on a massive scale while still being governed by the Epicor® system’s business intelligence. Below are some examples to show you how Service Connect® works and what it can do for your business.
PracticalTek: Update Customer Records Using an Excel File and Verify Them
What we did: We created an Epicor® Service Connect® solution that not only automated data entry, but it generated a .CSV file that was then sent to the customer to verify the accuracy of those changes.
Why? This customer’s sales team would use Excel while traveling. The team would take many notes, and frequently those notes consisted of changes to customer information. After the team would return, they would manually update their customer information using these notes, and sometimes they were inaccurate.
Q. How is this helpful for you?
A. This Service Connect® solution exemplifies how it’s possible to increase your productivity by eliminating unnecessary data entry. Not only did Service Connect® eliminate the need for data entry, but it also increased the integrity of the data by verifying the changes with the customer. Service Connect® can be used in many ways; not only can it create files but it can also automatically email them. It’s also important to note that Service Connect® can stop the processing of data until verification is received from an individual, a group of individuals, or by another automated Service Connect® process.
Epicor® Commerce Connect
PracticalTek: Create Order Header and Order Lines from a .CSV File
What we did: Created a Service Connect® solution that used a .CSV file to create orders and their lines.
Why? This customer purchased a smaller company that used their own Legacy system. They needed the orders from this company to be entered into Epicor® and doing this manually was not feasible.
Q. How is this helpful for you?
A. This is a good example of merging Epicor® with an external system. Using the power of xml, Service Connect® can integrate any system with Epicor®.
Using the data from the .CSV file, this workflow creates the Order Header information and saves it to Epicor®. This is where we “call” the workflow below that creates the Order Lines. Service Connect® adheres to all of the business logic in Epicor®.
Epicor® Service Connect Workflow Designer
This workflow cycles through each line that is to be added to the Epicor® database checking each to ensure they adhere to the business logic of Epicor®
PracticalTek: Auto-Ship and Invoice Sales Orders Using a .CSV File
What we did: Our customer was recently joined with a parent company that had their own Warehouse Management System (WMS). Once a product was considered received by the WMS system a .CSV file containing order information was sent to them. We used the .CSV file’s order information to automatically create customer shipment records, flag them as “Ready to Invoice” and finally we invoiced the order as well. All of this was done automatically by our Service Connect® solution.
Q. How is this helpful for you?
A. This example shows how you can automate complex business processes such as creating an invoice or shipment. If you are merging with another company that uses a standardized way of processing data, a Service Connect® solution can bridge that gap. Best of all, once your Service Connect® solution is finalized the process is fully automated, letting you get back to what you do best.
This conversion is just one of over 20 needed to build this Service Connect® solution. It is simply validating the order information coming from the .CSV file.
PracticalTek: Merge an Excel Sheet with an Epicor® User Defined Table
What we did: This customer had a very impressive Excel sheet. This sheet was so complex that it was essentially a stand-alone program in itself. They used this sheet as an aide to their business process, and it was essential that they continue to use it. They also wanted all of the data from this sheet to be available in Epicor®. They built a process in their Excel sheet that would export an .xml file. After exporting the file, they needed the information to be inserted into the Epicor® database immediately. Service Connect® can do just that; we created a solution that automatically updated a UDTable using the values taken from the Excel Sheet.
Q. How is this helpful for you?
A. Many of our customers use Excel often and for good reason. These same customers wish there was an easy way to get the Excel data into the Epicor® system. Well, Service Connect® was practically built for this purpose; it can update any table with Epicor®. Don’t let your business waste time manually entering in data that comes from an Excel sheet. Service Connect® can do it for you in the blink of an eye.
The formatting for this conversion was rather complex. Here we see a group of fields being converted into Boolean values (true/false).

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