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PracticalTek Is An Epicor® Independent Professional Services Provider

PracticalTek offers both beginner and advanced Epicor® personal training for all modules. We recognize the importance of personalizing our ERP training courses for you and your employees. Our trainers will use your real-world business data to provide concrete examples and to let the trainees understand exactly how the software will operate within your company. We modify Epicor® training classes based on individual employees’ needs, so each role receives proper guidance. Our methods allow your employees to completely focus on the course.

You may choose between on-site or remote training. However, we strongly recommend on-site, face-to-face training to maximize the course materials absorption rate. Historically we’ve discovered that on-site training provides the optimal return on investment (ROI). Each Epicor® training course consists of in-person instruction and an online program with exercises, definitions and other helpful information to increase understanding. All trainees will receive the course by email one day prior to the presentation, giving them time to review the materials.

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We specialize in Epicor® Customizations. Customizations can be described as anything that changes an Epicor® screen. These changes can be as small as making a text box bigger to type in, to as large as building an entire application from scratch.

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Product Epicor® Configurator gives you the ability to allow your customers to custom order your product. If your product allows for custom configurations or specifications then you may want to explore the powerful tools that Product Configurator provides.

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Epicor® 10 increased the need for C# skills. The shift to C# may cause issues for your custom work, metrics, reporting and other packages, especially those created by third parties. Don’t let previous developers leave you stranded get professional consulting from PracticalTek.