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“We were looking for some good Epicor® E9 expertise to help us in streamlining our E9 implementation and better align our business processes with E9 where practical.

Practical Technology Solutions (PTS) brought both business process background and E9 application knowledge  to the table in a very affordable package.  PTS helped us with both High level advice as well as detailed implementation assistance and outright programming assistance to develop and test customization’s and reports.  Their knowledge of reporting tools such as Crystal Reports and the database schema is excellent. While working with PTS recently, our consultant is responsive, always with a friendly, professional attitude.  He has provided insight and demonstrated a high level of technical skill.  We have assigned projects of various degrees of complexities with PTS and generally, have received a response in a timely manner. We would recommend PTS as a solution in assisting with ERP business challenges.”

— Fenner Dunlop Americas • Mining Industry

“We have used PTS for several of our Epicor® needs.  They have helped with our Epicor® implementation through training of our staff.  They have also helped with more technical aspects such as helping us set-up a secondary application server.  I have found PTS to be extremely knowledgeable and professional, and quick to help when needed.”

— Seymour Tubing Inc. • Tubing Components Industry

“PracticalTek worked with us immediately and tirelessly to get our Avante System and Company back up and running. Thank-you for coming to our rescue – to rescue a stranger in need. It speaks volumes to the type of company that PracticalTek is, and to the type of people you are. Thank-you and your team from all of us at Bird Technologies Group.”

— Bird Technologies Group
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Epicor® Handheld Customizations
Maximize Epicor® 9 and 10 Handhelds
Using Handheld units in your business extends the functionality of applications to the shop floor for performing receiving’s, shipments, transfers, inventory adjustments and much more
This extends the (MES) on the plant floor with wireless functionality for the capture of real-time transactions
If you are doing a physical inventory, moving material, looking up serialized part information, or any shipping tasks, the Handheld offers an easy to use interface that is designed for plant employees and helps them be more efficient.
PracticalTek’s Experience
PracticalTek offers a variety of Epicor® handheld customizations based on client needs. The bulk of this work involves customization of the screen layout for a handheld application so you can operate successfully in new environments or optimize your use cases.
Our engineers are able to properly adjust your handheld devices so customizations work on all screens, especially those that call or are called by your initial UI screen. Some of the work we’ve done for clients include:
  • Identify which handheld unit is best suited for their environment
  • Order, Setup and configured hardware for coverage with redundancy overlapping ranges
  • Customizations: handhelds and automation should go hand-in-hand.  With just a scan you can completely automate shipments, receipts, cycle counts, process RMAs and DMRs, etc.  Make your handheld even more powerful than it already is
  • We have experience with the Epicor® certified devices associated to the handhelds brands
  • We have set up numerous customer environments, trained users, tested coverage and added developmental improvements who pursued handheld efficiencies
Improvements you may need could include custom overlays and interface changes for the handheld module, support for integration of data with Epicor® Vantage’s ability to auto-update and populate content, as well as disruptions caused by your handheld UI.
PracticalTek experts can help you with each aspect of Epicor® 9 and 10 handheld customization with tools that work across both systems in case your facilities are migrating in waves but you’d like to share data and generate reports that span your entire operation.
Warehouse Management Solutions
Epicor® offers a variety of warehouse management solutions as part of its ERP packaging, as a standalone or in other software groupings such as Prophet 21. Handheld functionality for receiving, picking, adjustments, cycle counting and more are becoming commonplace in any environment.
Our efforts are designed to maximize these common touchpoints and build you a single-core technology to rely on for all of your needs, whether you’re running a full-scale manufacturing operation or a small repair shop that needs to focus on inventory levels and project length estimates based on shippers, carriers, and available stock.
Handhelds are your first line of defense in securing the right information, verifying orders at intake and properly forecasting the month ahead. We’ll put together the custom dashboard and handheld intake options that give you exactly what you need without all of the clutter that’s not relevant to you or your business.
Epicor® 10 Handheld Customization
With the update, new functionality and customization needs have arrived for handhelds. This can include barcode readers that run with additional parameters, support for moving between Production Management and Material Management menu options, as well as adjustments to your dashboards to support the new handheld functionality.
The focus on C# has created some breaks in client architecture and reporting tools, but at PracticalTek we’ve been able to manage this disconnect and properly repair systems so that functionality is restored and you can get the most out of your devices and dashboards.
Epicor® 9 handheld devices may also experience some concerns when you update your system, so PracticalTek has a step-by-step process to review functionality for errors and disconnects. We know your previous third-party options don’t often survive the migration or upgrade process, so let our expert engineers discover the fastest solution to your problems and provide you with a build that does its best to future-proof your mission critical tasks and reports.

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