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“Imarda has faced several business challenges recently as we have been undergoing significant growth for our i360 product. This growth has resulted in increased manufacturing volumes, and complicated BOM’s (Bill of Materials) and increased billing to be produced from an aging ERP system (Epicor® Vantage 8) that is in need of replacement.

Imarda had done an amount of work with PTS in the past and I contacted Jim from PTS in the hope this company could assist. Jim’s team jumped straight in aware of the challenges we faced. I was able to talk to Jim directly several times which provided a huge amount of comfort and even though the time zones were different I never had any issues reaching him or a member of his team. Their straight forward approach was a relief. The team at PTS assisted in arranging meetings, eliciting the answers from iMarda staff with questions backed up

Their straight forward approach was a relief. The team at PTS assisted in arranging meetings, eliciting the answers from iMarda staff with questions backed up from years of experience in Epicor®. This sped up the business improvement process significantly. Their agile methodology was a perfect fit as we needed to jump between issues often very quickly and due to the nature of our remote staff the timing of such meetings was often at short notice. The functional results that were produced as a result of Jim’s team were a key component in keeping the operations process running within Imarda.

On top of this work, Jim’s team also provided excellent support, as our lack of knowledge with Epicor® due to staff churn again left us challenged with internal support options. Jim’s team dealt with questions ranging from the absolute basics to advanced questions easily and with an air of patience that can only be described as completely forgiving!! In short, I would have no hesitation in recommending PTS.”

— Imarda • Transportation Fleet Industry

“I am very happy and honored to provide you with a reference for Practical Technology Solutions.  I have been EXTREMELY happy with the work that has been provided.  I have not been using them for long (just a number of months), but in a very short time frame they have reassured me that my trust in them as a consulting business partner is well worth it.  I see their knowledge of the Epicor® Product lines as being very in-depth and their staff as highly resourceful.  I highly recommend them as a business consulting partner for your business and technical application needs.”

— M-B Companies • Pavement Marking Industry

“We were looking for some good Epicor® E9 expertise to help us in streamlining our E9 implementation and better align our business processes with E9 where practical.

Practical Technology Solutions (PTS) brought both business process background and E9 application knowledge  to the table in a very affordable package.  PTS helped us with both High level advice as well as detailed implementation assistance and outright programming assistance to develop and test customization’s and reports.  Their knowledge of reporting tools such as Crystal Reports and the database schema is excellent. While working with PTS recently, our consultant is responsive, always with a friendly, professional attitude.  He has provided insight and demonstrated a high level of technical skill.  We have assigned projects of various degrees of complexities with PTS and generally, have received a response in a timely manner. We would recommend PTS as a solution in assisting with ERP business challenges.”

— Fenner Dunlop Americas • Mining Industry
Epicor® EDI Services & Support
PracticalTek has provided Epicor® EDI support since 2004, our focus on helping customers cut costs and increase the efficiency and production of EDI programs. Our customers have been pleased with how quickly we work. One customer was given a quote of 5 years and $5mil to implement EDI during an Epicor implementation, upgrading from an AS400 to TIE eVision, we handled the EDI project, finishing in less than half the time, and well under a quarter of the cost.
PracticalTek can help you meet the ever growing and changing software world by helping ensure that your Epicor® EDI remains up to date, running smoothly and running efficiently.
At PracticalTek we offer upgrades along with consulting, training, and other Epicor® EDI services to keep your business running successfully and efficiently.
We have expert experience with the following translators:
  • TrustedLink (iSeries and Windows)
  • TIE eVision and SmartBridge
  • Sterling Integrator
  • Gentran (As400 and Windows)
  • Development
  • Translation
  • Partner Compliance
  • Eliminate chargebacks
  • Partner On-boarding
  • Testing (including testing with third parties such as SPS Commerce,
  • Commerce Hub, Grocer EC)
  • Transaction sets include basic (850, 855, 856, 810) and logistics (990, 204, 210, 753, 754) if you can name it, we can build it!
  • Faster turnaround than any other EDI company
  • Have worked with Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Commerce Hub, and Direct Imports from China
PracticalTek serves clients in various industries including:
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Autoparts manufacturing
  • Appliances sales and manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Distributors (Toys, Outdoor Gear and Pet products)
  • Lock Manufacturers

We can work on any type of EDI project; nothing is too large or too small. Our experience allows us to develop faster, saving time and money. We do not outsource our projects.