Functions Maintenance is a tool that simplifies code in your Epicor environment. It allows you to use code over and over again across all of your Kinetic screens.

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Think of Epicor Functions Maintenance as a classic customization solution which includes a workflow within Epicor. 

So, instead of building something a second time, you simply “call” a bit of code that’s already there.

At PracticalTek, we love building and using Epicor ERP functions!

Gain access to function libraries, multiple functions and perform functions for whichever industry you may be customizing within Kinetic. 

Customizing in Epicor can be used for BPMS and Application Studio. There are a lot of options and flexibility that Epicor Functions Maintenance offers. 

Store all of your functions, don’t rewrite code and create your own functions within the Epicor environment.  

With Epicor Functions, users can create custom code functions & widget functions with code; no coding experience needed. 

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Epicor ERP Functions Maintenance offers utmost efficiency and versatility, helping deliver businesses powerful results in real-time. Speak to our PracticalTek ERP consultants, improve business processes and deliver results today!

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