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“We are a growing Engineering and Manufacturing company within the Mail Order Pharmacy industry.  About a year ago, we purchased Epicor® 10 as a tool to help us grow the company and link all departments from a system point of view.  Epicor® sales presentation provided the proof that these goals would be met with this software. We fortunately found Jim Chance at PTS.  He has been working with us over the past quarter, with all of our testing and implementation (go-live) pain points.  He has spent many long hours with us onsite, understanding our company and our needs as it relates to Epicor®.  He is currently helping us to develop processes, procedures, forms, and BAQ’s for each end user and each department, on an as-needed basis.  I have found him and his team to be extremely knowledgeable in all areas within Epicor® – from production to finance – which has made him and his team extremely valuable to our company as we embark on this software implementation. ”

— R/X Automation Solutions, Inc. • Mail Order Pharmacy Industry

“PracticalTek worked with us immediately and tirelessly to get our Avante System and Company back up and running. Thank-you for coming to our rescue – to rescue a stranger in need. It speaks volumes to the type of company that PracticalTek is, and to the type of people you are. Thank-you and your team from all of us at Bird Technologies Group.”

— Bird Technologies Group

“I found PracticalTek with a Google search.  I spoke and met with Jim Chance and had a lengthy discussion about his company’s capabilities.  Everything sounded well as they possessed the capabilities we wanted, the reasonable rate and low risk.  That is, if this did not work out, I could sever the relationship quickly and move on. We have provided PTS with detailed specs often with screen-shots.  Our initial specs were for relatively simple customization’s.  We found that PTS worked very efficiently and coordinated very well with the project team. Today the staff of PTS is tackling our most complex customization and is working with us on other Epicor® implementation issues.  We also will utilize their report-writing capabilities shortly.  Because of this positive relationship, I highly recommend PTS for their efficiency, knowledge, communications and professionalism. “

— Doble Engineering • Electric Power Industry
Epicor® Social
Epicor® ERP 10 features Epicor® Social Enterprise (ESE), a collaboration network made to help businesses succeed. Functioning like your business’ own internal social network, Epicor® ESE is embedded in the ERP’s structure and allows users to access it from anywhere using a personal mobile device or computer.
With this tool, your employees always stay connected, improving communication speed and teamwork without frequent meetings or social functions.
Features of Social Enterprise
Epicor® Social allows you to communicate and carry out workflows more quickly using instant messaging and collaborative tools. These tools include:
  • Mobile Compatibility: Access from your smartphone or tablet so you can hear back immediately as soon as a project or response comes in.
  • Group Organization: Create customized groups, organized by department, project or idea, and make them public or private — just as you would through any other social media site. This way, you can post messages both publicly and privately to entire groups of people and control who can see them.
  • Project Following: ESE integrates with your Epicor® settings, so if a user follows a business object, they get updates whenever it’s changed. This allows them to respond to updates quickly.
  • Instant Notifications: Alerts keep you up-to-date on new messages, project updates and any other information you may need for work so you and your operational group can respond in a timely fashion.
  • Private Messaging: Exchange messages instantly to other users as soon as they sign up. This can include people in your own business, as well as customers and suppliers, signed up to the ESE system.
  • Epicor® Integrations: ESE leverages capabilities within the ERP software, such as Epicor® Enterprise Search, to allow users to quickly find information about a project or idea within the company database. ESE also lets users search for this information using established hashtags.
Get ESE Assistance With PracticalTek Today
Though Epicor® ESE was designed to be as user-friendly as possible, setting up the system and integrating it into your current workflows may take time. PracticalTek can help you cut that time in half.
PracticalTek offers comprehensive and independent support and setup services for all Epicor® modules and systems. We’ll work with your business data and determine everything you need, from crucial system integrations to hashtags. We’ll also train your staff on how to make the most of your system with either on-site or remote customized training. We’ll even train some of your staff as trainers, so you can more quickly onboard new employees and get them started with the ESE system.
Start Working With PracticalTek
PracticalTek is an independent Epicor® consultation company. We offer support and training services to companies of all experience levels. Whether you need help implementing your software or need training so you can make the most of it.