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Epicor® Kinetic Consulting Services

PracticalTek (an Epicor® erp consulting independent professional services provider) provides innovative, award-winning business and information systems consulting solutions with a focus on Epicor® Kinetic, Epicor® 10, Epicor® 10.1 features, Epicor® 9, Vantage® 8, Epicor® Hosting and more. Our firm blends IT management, development experience, entrepreneurial skills, business acumen, and practical sense. We deliver cost-effective solutions to business-specific challenges with remote and onsite services.

What Is Epicor® Kinetic?

Kinetic is the next stage of evolution for Epicor® ERP. The almost entirely redesigned UX (User Experience) is intended to provide as much relevant information to user’s as possible in easy-to-navigate screens in order to minimize hunting through multiple screens just to find a piece of information.

Even though they behave the same, Kinetic offers a web-based and desktop client. Providing you with flexibility to choose your preferred experience. This extends to your servers as well. Epicor® is allows companies to choose if they would still like to remain ‘On-Prem’ with their servers, rather than forcing users to employ a cloud-based server setup.

Classic forms remain available, but only for a limited time. The classic screens still employ the tab structure while the Kinetic forms utilize expandable and collapsible boxes which allow for more information per form and less hunting for key data through multiple tabs. Kinetic can be toggled on/off using the Kinetic Application Maintenance program giving you more control over your experience

Kinetic forms can be customized just like classic forms, as well as implementing security throughout. The features you use in your current version are/will make their way to Kinetic in the future. Many helpful additions have been made as well. Things such as enhanced Help features which include things like autocomplete, a combined Field and Technical Help Screen, and help videos relating to the area of the system.

Epicor® Kinetic Features

Web or Desktop

Web-based OR desktop client version are the two access options within Kinetic

Reduced Noise

Reduced “noise” within each screen allowing the user to focus solely on their task at hand

Hot Key Mapping

User-preferred Hot Key mapping for specific programs or globally for each particular user


Scalability of Kinetic within the use of phone or tablet screens

Vertical Navigation

Much of the functionality is contained within the center of the screen navigating vertically, as opposed to the TAB-driven screens from previous versions of Epicor®

Collapsible Data

Allows the user to expand or collapse certain data elements as they perform their work which provides a more streamlined approach to daily activities

User Experience

Kinetic takes a modern approach to the overall user experience that provides greater flexibility to individual preferences while still providing the same overall goals per program

Data Export

Exporting data to Excel, positioning of fields, color preferences, showcase/hide certain data elements – all still available within the new Kinetic framework

Scheduling Boards

Modernized Scheduling Boards to quickly view job status, upcoming work with greater user enhancements to make on-the-fly changes

Home Screen

Personalize your home screen based on your role and quick access relevant data, reports and dashboards

Multiple Instances

Much like previous versions of Epicor®, you can still inhabit multiple programs simultaneously as well as launching multiple instances of a particular program (to compare “like” data)

Empower Users

Aside from the new user interface approach, the overall goal of Kinetic is to empower the everyday user in a one-stop-shop fashion for all related data relative to their position within the company

Units of Measure

Advanced Unit of Measure features the ability to view inventory based on previously defined settings or allow the user to take a snapshot of inventory based on Attributes linked to your Part records using Inventory Advisor

Application Studio

Within the Application Studio feature the user can now tailor their experience that was previously set aside for a seasoned developer to handle – user-specific calculated fields, Events that lead into BAQ returned data, or simply build custom, standalone applications centric to the goals of the particular user

Why Make The Leap To Epicor® Kinetic?

  • First and foremost, by making the choice to go with Kinetic, your company would stay up to date on Epicor® Support and receive the latest updates to the software as they roll them out
  • You can access Epicor on any internet-connected device. Perfect for field service technicians, outside sales reps, etc.
  • Empower your users to build their very own user experience based on preferences, ease-of-access, etc.
  • Overall performance of the software itself to run to its full potential
  • Seamless integration with Excel® and Outlook®

PracticalTek Offers The Following Epicor® Services

PracticalTek (an Epicor® erp consulting independent professional services provider) provides innovative, award-winning business and information systems consulting solutions with a focus on Epicor®
When you need fast results from your Epicor® ERP system, there’s no better solution than an experienced Epicor® erp consultant. Working with a professional Epicor® application consulting firm, you can streamline your system to better suit your business with the help of a dedicated specialist.
At PracticalTek, we know how to make the Epicor® installation business transition seamless because we’ve helped so many people with it. We’ve learned some of the best practices of ERP implementation and want to help you succeed, too.
With years of experience, PracticalTek provides the best independent Epicor® upgrade consulting on the market. Our technicians come with years of training and the best certifications available, so we know what to do to make Epicor® work best for you and your business.

PracticalTek is an independent software services provider with a combined 400+ years of Epicor® implementation & training experience among our team members. Our knowledgeable staff offers novice to advanced level training on all Epicor® software training modules.

As an independent software services provider with a combined 400+ years of Epicor® customization consultant implementation experience among our team members, PracticalTek can accommodate all of your Epicor® programming support development needs.

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