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Manufacturing Execution System

MES, or Manufacturing Execution System is a streamlined Epicor® experience designed for the shop floor. It can be installed on workstations around your production environment to allow for shared use by employees. Rather than the traditional Epicor® menu, MES provides only programs related to the user’s role(s), and allows for faster data entry due to the streamlined approach
MES Menu, Epicor ERP solution module

MES Allows Users To

• View the Work Queue
• Clock In/Out of Jobs/Ops
• Issue/Return Material
• Ship/Receive Material
• Report Labor/Quantities
• Track Efficiencies
• Product Tracking and Traceability
• Plan/Perform Maintenance
• Access Documents/Reports
• View Key Reports/Trackers
• View/Adjust Schedules
• And much more….

This outofthebox functionality provides numerous useful features, but PracticalTek can add even more value.
We have a team of experienced developers capable of adding key functionality to your MES.

We can add custom buttons to do things like:
Open Reports/Trackers
Open Work Instructions
Contain Unique Attachments
Video Instructions
Much more…

Listed below are a few MES solutions the PracticalTek team has created:

End Activity/Start Activity Streamlined PracticalTek developed the functionality to allow a
shop floor user to seamlessly go from ending one operation activity, to moving onto another
operation by adding custom button to MES screens. Example: Adding a ‘Start Activity’ button to
the ‘End Activity’ screen in order to save clicks.

MES End Labor Activity Screen PracticalTek put a standalone application inside of an
existing Epicor® screen. Specifically, we created a Job Traveler application and embedded it in
the End Labor Activity screen. It sped up production on the floor by reducing the amount of time
the user spent on data entry. Have a need to make some quick updates without loading another
screen? Want to streamline data entry? This is one way to accomplish that.

MES Multiple Job Scrap Entry We created a Scrap Entry screen that allows the user to enter
in Scrap data for all of the jobs that they are clocked into.

As we like to say, you’re only limited by your imagination. Contact us today and find out how we can help improve your MES.

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PracticalTek (an Epicor® erp consulting independent professional services provider) provides innovative, award-winning business and information systems consulting solutions with a focus on Epicor®
When you need fast results from your Epicor® ERP system, there’s no better solution than an experienced Epicor® erp consultant. Working with a professional Epicor® application consulting firm, you can streamline your system to better suit your business with the help of a dedicated specialist.
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As an independent software services provider with a combined 400+ years of Epicor® customization consultant implementation experience among our team members, PracticalTek can accommodate all of your Epicor® programming support development needs.

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