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Custom BPM’s

Now in Epicor® 10 developing custom BPMs that send an email are more versatile than ever. With Epicor’s move from ABL to C# for BPM custom code this opens the door to being able to gather, calculate, and send information more effectively.  Whether it’s notifying key personnel about an important order information, sharing project milestones with team members, or sending an update to a customer on the progress of their order; Email notifications bring people information to the person through a platform they are already using. Email is an almost universal way of communication in today’s world; why not add functionality that fits the needs of your business. www.practicaltek.com

Possible BPM Examples:

Order is over a certain dollar value

Order is marked using a UD field as a ‘rush’ order

Project milestone is achieved

A new part is entered into the system

A high value quote is made

Notify customer their shipment has been marked as ‘Shipped’

Received Qty is not equal to the ordered Qty

High value job is completed

A part is checked out for revision

An order is canceled