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Does PracticalTek have DMT Expertise?

Yes, if you need to import data into Epicor®, but aren’t sure how, PTS can help. DMT is an abbreviation for Data Migration Tool and is used to import data into your Epicor® environment. PTS has worked with DMT templates, data mapping, and sequencing of data loading across Vantage® 8, Epicor® 9 & Epicor® 10. If you are moving from a traditional or non-traditional legacy system to Epicor® and need to migrate your data, PTS can make this task easy and pain free through our DMT expertise.  Data integrity is crucial, and this tedious step needs to be done carefully. DMT is a powerful tool that can read excel spreadsheets and import your data via Add, Update, or Delete. The DMT program follows Epicor® business logic as it imports data which helps protect data and ensures it is being imported properly. The DMT program also provides errors to show what wasn’t imported and why.  Using DMT combined with the experts at PTS will make your data migration smooth, fast, quick and easy.