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Education is Key

Has it been a while since the Epicor® users at your company have had any formal training? Or any Epicor® training at all? Have any potential bad habits or poor practices surfaced from no Epicor® Training? How long has it been since your Epicor® Company and Epicor® Plant configurations have been audited? Does the potential exists for incorrect settings in this critical behavior area? Perhaps nonstandard/non copasetic best practices exist. When was the last time you had an Epicor® consulting expert review all of your business processes from end to end scrutinize each step for improvements, elimination of pain points, increase efficiencies and make the use of Epicor® ERP less cumbersome? PTS is extremely well suited to provide Epicor® Training, lift the hood of your engine and do a tune-up. We have performed over 100 Epicor® company and plant configuration reviews. Furthermore, we have real world exposure – hands on experience within complex companies honing our best practices approach and engagements over and over maximizing lessons learned so that we can bring these genuine experiences to the table for your Epicor® environment. Contact us today to setup Epicor® Training, Epicor® Company and plant reviews, a QTC business process review. Why wait any longer when opportunities exist to make your users experiences more efficient and less cumbersome. Educate your team. Confirm your settings are optimal. Have a PTS analyst forensically examine your processes and make recommendations. www.practicaltek.com