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Enhancing Your Business

Epicor® provides a suite of programs designed to serve your particular business. Below is a list of just a few tools included that may be able to make your business operate more efficiently with a short description of some of the features within.

  • Production Management: Create, Change and Schedule Jobs in order to meet demand. Shop floor tools and Quality Assurance features along with much more.
  • Financial Management: Manage numerous aspects of your company’s finances including AP, AR, GL and much more.
  • Service Management: Manage customer related items like Offsite Repairs, Return Material features and more.
  • Human Capital Management: Quickly and efficiently manage Payroll, Employee Training and many other HR related issues.

This is not a comprehensive list, just a few highlights that may correlate to your unique business needs.

Epicor® also offers modules with many capabilities relating to Sales, Projects and more.

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