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Epicor On Demand – Material Grade Measurements App

This solution helped the customer track whether or not certain purchased part materials were within spec (min/max) when the material arrived at their facility. 

LS is involved in metals and they test them to ensure the makeup of the metal fell within their needed specifications. 

They called these specifications “MetGrades” (material grades). 

We tied a MetGrade key value to several UDTables, as well as, the RcvDtl table and the Part table.  This was so they could tie a MetGrade value directly to the incoming part when it was received.

Once the part was received, Quality control would take the part and inspect it.  Those inspection values were handled by this solution.

Elements Entry Screen

Epicor training material grade measurements app

This 100% custom screen allowed the user to add records to an element table.  These elements are what they inspect in the subsequent screens below. 

They required their own screen as users needed to select the values from a dropdown, and they needed to track things like Test Type (the type of test used for the element) and the UOM for that element. 

These values automatically populate below using the values entered in the Element Entry Screen.

MetGrade Standards Screen

material grade measurements app screen, erp Epicor training near me

erp material grade measurements screen

This screen builds the MetGrade standards. These standards are used in the screen below where the inspector enters in the actual values below.

They are the standards of which the actual values are measured. The user builds the MetGrade value and then adds each element that needs to be inspected for the MetGrade.

MetGrade Measurements Screen

material grade measurement app dashboard for Epicor ERP

This is the screen where the user enters in the actual measurements on the material received. 

They build the header records (anything above that’s not in the grid), first. 

After they first add the Supplier, LotNum, MetGrade, and save the screen automatically builds the child records using the MetGrade chosen (coming from the MetGrade Standards screen). 

Now that they have their standards, they need to enter in their Actual values as they measure their elements.  If any of the elements fail, the row highlights red, and the shape flags a fail on the header record.

ERP system material grade measurement example

They are also allowed to override a fail if need be.