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History of Epicor®

The History of Epicor® Software

The Epicor® Software Corporation has been providing industry-focused software for small and mid-sized businesses for more than 30 years. It’s a privately held company that few from a small shop founded in 1984 to an ERP giant with more than $900 million in revenue for fiscal year 2016.

Epicor® Software grew from a manufacturing focus to include associated industries and applications, making a name for itself with its enterprise resource planning tools as well as its overall supply chain and manufacturing management tools. The company currently boasts tens of thousands of customers in 150 countries.

What Is Epicor® ERP?

Epicor® ERP is its main selling point because the system allows manufactures, distributors, retailers and service companies to better control their inventory and field teams for a more efficient operation.

In general, ERP allows businesses to manage the many different processes they have on the floor and to automate their back office functions. Automation tools cover both technology and systems as well as human resources and human capital management.

Epicor® ERP software is what many manufacturers use to manage their customer experience, offer a digital commerce platform, open dialog channels with customers and sales teams, and grow their business through the inclusion of new markets.

What Is Epicor® Software’s Timeline?

Epicor® has been developing business services since 1984, with a lifelong focus on delivering digital services for businesses and enterprises. Initially the company was known as Platinum Software Corporation

Here’s a quick look at Epicor® Software’s major advancements and why it is a leader in the ERP and CRM space for manufacturers and related industries:

  • 1984: Platinum Software (Epicor®) was founded and launched financial and accounting software for LAN environments.
  • 1992: Platinum goes public on NASDAQ under PSFT and launches Platinum SQL, the first financial product designed with a specific focus on client-server computing.
  • 1997: Platinum purchases Clientele and FocusSoft to expand its offering into customer relationship management and expand its reach in distribution services.
  • 1998: Acquisitions continue and include DataWorks to start developing manufacturer-specific software packages.
  • 1999: Platinum changes its name to Epicor® Software Corporation.
  • 2002: Epicor® creates the very first industry CRM solution that was built on Microsoft .NET and blended in Clarus’ procurement and sourcing package by acquiring that company.
  • 2003: Launches Epicor® for Service Enterprises, touted as the first Web services enterprise automation solution.
  • 2003: Epicor® purchases three industry leaders to target hospitality, supply chain and advanced manufacturing capabilities in its ERP and CRM solutions.
  • 2005: Epicor® Vantage 8.0 is launched as the “industry’s first manufacturing solution based on a 100-percent service-oriented architecture” as the company also expands into retail customer systems.
  • 2008: Epicor® 9 is released as a next-gen ERP application and includes improvements for technological advancements as well as from purchases like that of NSB Retail Systems.
  • 2011: Apax Partners purchases Epicor® and Activant and merges the two brands.
  • 2012 – 2015: Epicor® continues to purchase a wide range of software companies to boost its ERP and CRM offers.
  • 2016: KKR finalizes its acquisition of Epicor® at the beginning of September

Epicor® Software has had a long and successful history in the manufacturing ERP world, surviving downturns while continually improving and enhancing its offering. PracticalTek is an independent provider of professional services for companies utilizing Epicor® Software. Securing your Epicor® ERP from PracticalTek is one of the best things you can do to help your company grow through smart utilization of all your enterprise resources.

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