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ERP Epicor training consultants typing on computer and working at desk


Implementing Epicor® Install Support Smoothly

ERP Epicor training consultants typing on computer and working at desk

Implementing Epicor® Install Support Smoothly

Once you’ve decided to implement expert Epicor® install consulting into your business, the next big question is how. A successful move to Epicor® erp implementation consultant involves a large amount of planning and work to ensure it goes over smoothly — a few wrong moves and you could risk costly downtime right in the middle of your implementation.

At PracticalTek, we know how to make the Epicor® installation business transition because we’ve helped so many people with it. We’ve learned some of the best practices of ERP implementation and want to help you succeed, too.

Epicor® Install Help | Plan Ahead

Epicor® install service may seem like a simple step, but it’s one that so many businesses either skip or pay too little attention to. Every aspect of your Epicor® implementation should be factored into a detailed timetable with realistic expectations and goals. This plan should include contingency plans for any problems, such as training delays or unexpected events like storms or power outages.

The plan should also extend past the go-live date and account for any snags in the system or problems encountered after implementation has mostly been completed.

Consultant for Epicor® Install: Train Thoroughly

Training the entire staff on how to use the system is one of the key steps in ERP implementation methodology, as it often takes lots of time and determines the overall success of the software in your final business model. If your employees can’t use the software, what use is it? Be sure to focus on training as an essential part of the timetable and set aside extra time for it in case of delays or misunderstandings.

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Also, plan for future training by assigning a few trainers who can advise new employees after the system implementation process is finished.

Set Expectations Early

To make the transition to Epicor® 10 implementation successful, your business must set its expectations early and know what you want out of Epicor® consulting services and how you expect it to integrate into your business processes. Epicor® offers a full suite of capabilities and customizations to choose from, and some may be more important to you than others. By knowing what you want, you can save yourself and your developers lots of time and generally make the transition process a smoother one.

One of the best ways to set and maintain your expectations is to develop a checklist of features and capabilities ordered according to importance. This list is essential for all parts of the Epicor® implementation consulting process.

For example, this list is important for developers to know what customizations to try during the software modeling stage before implementation begins. It’s also an excellent way to assess the software during the testing and go-live stages. If the software as you and your employees are using it doesn’t meet your list of expectations, you’re not getting what you paid for.

Personalizing Epicor® Implementation Help Service Solutions

Our leading solution specialists at PracticalTek, tailor software implementations to meet business demands.

Use Our Experienced Consultant Epicor® Signature Methodology

It’s always a good idea to work with a Epicor® install consultant — specifically, one with extensive experience in the Epicor® system. They can customize the software for you and guide you through the Epicor® software implementation process. That’s where PracticalTek can help.

Epicor® Implementation Company

PracticalTek is an independent Epicor® implementation consultant company with over 175 years of combined experience. We provide comprehensive development, support and training services for all Epicor® versions and modules and perform extensive Epicor® implementation support services to help your transition to Epicor® installation go as smoothly as possible.

Contact us today at 419-557-2225 to learn how PracticalTek can help with your Epicor® installation transition.