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Interfacing Epicor with UPS & FedEx for improving customer service and productivity

Looking for an option to Insite Manifest? How about a bare bones option that we’ve installed numerous times. We have a custom interface that sits between Epicor versions 8 or 9 or 10 and UPS Worldship as well as FedEx Ship Manager. Upon the completion of a shipment in UPS or FedEx the carrier, weight, freight costs, date, time, tracking pro numbers and multiple other fields get written back to Epicor. Save time, money, emails and phone calls to/from shipping and to/from your customers by automatically writing this information back to Epicor. Conversely this process also pulls information from Epicor while in UPS or FedEx. Immediately populate your shipping systems screens with sales order and manifest information from Epicor! This solution is a rock solid process that costs nothing to purchase, has no service fees or warranty costs. Contact PTS today (info@practicaltek.com) and the only costs are for our time to install, setup, configure, test and train your staff on the use of this time saving process. This typically takes 20-24 hours. Improve your workflow! www.practicaltek.com