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We may have situations in which we need to get certain parts very quickly and our regular supplier may not be able to accommodate our time constraints. Is there a way we can assign a supplier to certain parts that we know can get us our parts quicker?

Yes, the system allows you to link suppliers based on the urgency. Contact PracticalTek for assistance.

Time to Upgrade Your Epicor® ERP?

Change is inevitable and should be welcomed. No ERP is designed to last throughout the entirety of your business. Innovation and advancement are at the front of the minds of manufacturers and industry innovators.

Upgrading your ERP to Epicor® 10 is great first step in your company’s path to efficiency.

Issues with having a dated ERP:

  • Large amount of resources spent to maintain integrity
  • Trouble finding reputable companies to service your issues
  • Exhausting the warranty of service from the manufacturer
  • Maintaining multiple outdated infrastructures
  • Other performance issues related to age

Why Work with PracticalTek?

By working with PracticalTek, you will share the burden of migrating your company’s data with an experienced, professional group that maintains best practices, and always has your processes in mind.

Why Epicor® 10?

  • More Accessible for Development
  • Faster Processes
  • Continued Support from the Manufacturer
  • New Active Homepage feature that can be personalized to show you the KPI’s you care about most
  • More modules that can assist your business

Maintaining internal innovation and willingness to change can open valuable doors for your company by providing a potentially never before seen look into the vitals of your business. Increased visibility into your company’s efficiencies can help keep you moving forward.