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What is the difference between Single Sign On and Automatic Sign on?

A great feature that was built into Epicor® version 10.1 is the ability to use Automatic Sign On. Automatic sign on is similar to Single Sign on which uses your windows domain accounts to login to Epicor®, but with Epicor® Automatic Sign On, it uses your Epicor® ID and password. Epicor® Auto Sign On behaves just like SSO, once enabled you can click on your epicor desktop icon and when the application launches, it automatically signs you in using your epicor ID and never prompts for a username and password. This is a great feature and requires no appserver changes or task agent changes like SSO does. Epicor® Auto Sign On can also be turned on and off with relative ease by an Epicor® professional at Practical Technology Solutions. It’s the small things like Epicor® Auto Sign On that are so simple yet make such a big difference. This is one of the numerous features Practical Technology Solutions can enable for your business. We are Epicor® System Administration experts.