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Why Should You Move from Crystal to SSRS?

Some Epicor® users may wonder what the benefits of moving from Crystal Reports to SSRS are and there are several. Here are a few reasons you should consider moving from Crystal to SSRS:

  • Crystal is being phased out of the Epicor® landscape moving forward. Even though all the current reports will work with Crystal all new report functionality, bug fixes, and enhancements will happen on the SSRS platform. This is because Epicor® has moved to SSRS being their default reporting service.
  • Financially SSRS is a win as well; this is because SSRS comes with your Microsoft SQL installation. This gets rid of the need to buy and install Crystal Developer or run times on each client.
  • Interactivity with the report is much more prevalent with SSRS developed reports. The ability to drill down, sort, or interact with matrices gives viewing data a personalized touch, allowing the user to view the data how they want.
  • The SQL platform itself allows for a powerful set of query tools built into your reports. From the simple to complex SQL facilitates queries that present the data that is important to you.

Security inside the world of SSRS is more granular than Crystal as well, allowing for a range of securities to be applied to each folder.