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The Benefits of Epicor® Software

Why You Should Choose Epicor® Over Other Software

Epicor® enterprise resource planning tools offer a variety of on-premise and on-demand packages that can help your business run with your existing infrastructure, allowing you to spend on software and not hardware. We believe it is a top ERP software platform for small and midsized businesses that spend most of their time with operational improvements and less time focusing on IT infrastructure management.

Epicor® might be the best ERP system for your business if you need a full-featured platform that’s tailored to your size needs, especially if you’re not looking to invest heavily on in-house IT growth. It blends function and cost to create a compelling experience for businesses of any size, making it a top ERP software package we recommend.

Industry Reasons to Buy Epicor®

In today’s ERP world, it is important to look for software packages and companies that are relevant for your industry. Epicor® touches on a variety of industries with specific applications and adjustments that can answer your most common or difficult enterprise resource needs.

Specific industries that Epicor® covers include:

  • Aftermarket automotive
  • Building and lumber
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Service-oriented businesses

Even if you aren’t using the packages specific to your industry, knowledge about your business is one of the biggest reasons to buy Epicor®. Their platforms will be able to adapt to your needs, and PTS can provide you with the additional help you need to solve problems and achieve goals.

Configuration Benefits of Epicor® ERP

Epicor® ERP systems provide a variety of options for configuration and customization so it can be best-fit to your industry. You can create your own profile or turn to us at PTS for expertise in adapting the package to specifically meet your biggest challenges.

We understand a local distributor will have a very different set of business challenges than a national chain or an international manufacturer. We’ve built it all before and can help you unlock the potential of Epicor® so it is right-sized for you and makes running your operations that much easier.

Epicor® also comes with a variety of forecasting configurations that allow you to understand inventory needs now and in the future, based on a series of variables from historical data and current trends to seasonal shifts and the obsolescence of equipment lines.

Top ERP Software Implementation

Epicor® offers a Signature Methodology that’s designed to help you have full ownership of your software and build out your ERP deployment to match your business. The framework the company provides helps the vast majority of Epicor® customers implement their ERP projects on time and on-budget or below budget.

The software can use its methodology to deliver consistent, reliable implementation no matter where you are based or where your operations grow.

It’s that methodology that allows PTS customers to create a strong baseline, and then turn to us for true optimization to make the most of their investment. We can ensure you experience all of the reasons to buy Epicor®, from running a leaner operation to improving compliance and building in automatic reports for better customer service.

As an independent provider of professional services, PTS can help you determine if Epicor® is the best ERP system for your business and customize it to give you the most bang for your buck.

Learn more about how we can help with Epicor® installs and upgrades or contact us today!