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Epicor® SSRS and Data Entry Tips

Turning on Remote Errors for Epicor® SSRS

For anyone who has developed Epicor® SSRS reports, you know the standard errors displayed in System Monitor are too vague.  To get a more detailed error description, turn on Remote Errors. Once Remote Errors are enabled the error messages that once read “Error: failure to compile dataset ARForm” will now hold more detail:  “Error: failure to compile dataset ARForm, invalid column name ‘CreditMemo’”.  This gives a much clearer picture to what the issue is. Now, with Remote Errors enabled, the system monitor brings much more value to the table when troubleshooting Epicor® SSRS reports.

To turn on Remote Errors, first you will need access to SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and the name of your report server.

After opening SSMS you will need to select the Server type of ‘Reporting Services’ and select/enter the name of the report server in the ‘Server Name’ text box.

Then go to the Properties of your report server using a right-click on the server name in the tree view.

Inside the Advanced section, there is an option under ‘Security’ to EnableReportErrors. Change this value to True to enable the remote errors. Click ‘OK’ and exit SSMS

Now, when viewing the Detail tab inside System Monitor,  we get an error with more information for a report that did not complete.

Using the wingding font in Epicor® SSRS reports

PTS has vast experience building Epicor® SSRS reports.  Did you know the wingding font can be used in a very useful and creative way? Whether you’re using Epicor® SSRS or Epicor® Crystal Reports, wingding fonts can be used as a better alternative to importing images into your reports.  In our example below, you’ll see a custom Inspection Report.  This report needed to be customized to display unchecked and checked checkboxes – not images. Originally, we tried images but because of the volume of data, the application had difficulty processing multiple images.  On top of that, the customer found the images to be too distracting to the user.  To solve this in the most practical way, we used the wingdings font.

Automating data entry in Epicor®

Automating data entry in Epicor® can be tricky, but if done right it can save you and your company countless hours.  Any steps you execute in Epicor® can be done automatically with some BPM and/or C# and/or Epicor® Service Connect code and utilization of Epicor’s® tools.  For instance, a BPM can facilitate auto-data-entry.  Need certain fields to be defaulted after adding a record?  An Epicor® BPM can handle that, but they can do so much more.  The same is true for Epicor’s® customizations, and certainly for Service Connect.

Anything can be automated within Epicor®.  All it takes is identification, careful planning, and expertise with Epicor’s® tools.  Just recently, one of our customers wanted to completely skip the step of using the Stage Ship Confirm Entry screen in Epicor®.  Their shipping department noticed they were entering the same data over and over again.  Our customer reached out and described this bottleneck to PTS and after some careful planning, we created a button in the Master Pack screen that completely replaced their Stage Ship Confirm Entry step.  An entire data entry screen reduced to a simple button click, now that saves time!  We would love to talk with you about your data automation needs.  Contact PTS Today!

 About Practical Technology Solutions

Practical Technology Solutions, your Independent ERP solutions provider for Epicor® and your certified partner for SYSPRO® and Macola®.  In business since 1997, PTS has accumulated a total of 196 years of ERP manufacturing experience.  We’ve had the pleasure of working for 411 customers.  We’ve provided over 4000 application solutions, countless consultations, and training sessions.  Performed installations, implementations, and over 57 upgrades!  PTS has grown to a staff of 14 professionals over the years providing world class ERP services.  No matter the complexity of your need, we have the experience to get the job done for you.  Our razor sharp skills, combined with our experience, makes us your ideal solutions provider at a competitive rate.  We pride ourselves on being responsive to your needs.  We take the time to lift the hood and understand your requirements before proceeding with development, training or consulting.  Why not work with a business that has real-world, hands-on, lessons-learned experience?  The PTS staff has undergone extensive internal training.  This was in an effort to rid the idea that our developers are simply developers.  Our business name is also our motto: practical technology solutions, and ensuring our employees have a good grasp on the ERP system is integral to their ability to not only find your solution on a development level, but at a consulting level as well.  Our clients have ranged from $1mil annually to $3bn annually giving us incredible exposure to all components of the manufacturing environment.  From cross docking, to multi-company, multi-currency, advanced module requirements, as well as, handhelds, complex BOMs… we’ve got it all covered.  We’ve had the privilege of working with a wide range of companies across the US and internationally.  We’ve been fortunate to learn their product, processes, and procedures and the lessons we’ve learned from this exposure allows us to better serve our new customers and their ERP needs.  We are in the business of saving you time, improving your data, and increasing your sales.