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Changing the System Wide Sort Settings in Epicor® 10

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Did you know you can change the sort settings in Epicor® 10 for any of the search boxes?

E10 has two different sorting options you can use system wide. These options are String Sort and Word Sort.

  • String Sort is the Epicor® default, and for this sort, all characters are given an equal “weight” for positioning.
  • Word Sort is the Microsoft® default and for this sort, specialty characters are given almost no “weight” in sort positioning. The Hyphen (-) is the most visible of these specialty characters.

Changing this setting can be done in the Configuration Files for whichever environment you wish to change the sort settings for. You can also use them both at the same time!

Let’s say you wish to leave the String Sort as the default but want other records sorted by the Word Sort; all of this can be done with the Configuration File. If you wish to learn more about changing your sort settings, contact us and we will be more than happy to help you out.

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