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Comparing your Epicor® Costs

Considering a do it yourself approach for your Epicor® Upgrade as a means to save money?

Considering the following…

Does your resource have C# skills? Progress ABL code converting to C#? Crystal reports to SSRS conversion skills? To mention a few.

Does your resource have 20 years of Epicor® consulting and development experience as well as multiple upgrades? What about lessons learned and the value of best practices from having done multiple Epicor® Implementations?

Is having an internal resource at your business the best economic approach for your Epicor® Upgrade?

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Let’s do the math:

  • Let’s say your wage & benefits sum to a typical 100k at your company – this is actually a low number for IT nowadays – especially for someone with reasonable benefits and 5 yrs. experience or more
  • Let’s take that 100k / 47 weeks (Subtracting 2 weeks of holidays and 3 weeks’ vacation)
  • 100,000 / 47 = $2,127.66
  • 66 / 40 hours per week = $53.19 an hour is your average hourly rate
  • If you consider for a moment 1 example of developing an intermediate level dashboard for an Epicor® Development expert (such as PTS), you can easily deduce that this expert can code and unit – plus volume test it and deploy it 2, 3 even 4 times faster than someone who is not familiar with the schema, tables, code syntax, logic, examples that we have in our library, snippets, joins, the application functions and the brain power of a team of 14 who all they do is Epicor® Development
  • So, let’s not sandbag at 2 times faster, or perhaps go to the other end at 4 times quicker; but let’s choose the middle – 3 times faster – PTS Epicor® Development efficiency is easily 3 times faster than anyone who does infrequent Epicor® Development for everyone one of these skills: – C#, SSRS, product configurator, Crystal reports, customizations, method directives, .p, bpm’s, BAQ’s, etc. etc.
  • Using this data:
    • 53 dollars per hour * something that might take you 3 hours to do = 159 dollar cost to your company.
      • And 2 hours for which you weren’t able to serve any other need simultaneously because you were on this task
    • Using the conservative 3 PTS times factoring @ our rate of 119 per hour compared to your cost of 159, you are losing money every time you develop something and for every hour you are occupied and not able to work on something else
      • If PTS did the work you, you could not only do other tasks, but save money on the Epicor® Upgrade task itself when you compare apples to apples with this math
    • After all, your time is a cost to your business as well. Why cost your business more, use PTS for all of your Upgrade, Consulting, Development, Training and System Administration needs for your Epicor® environment


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