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ERP System: Supplier Scorecard Dashboard

The goal of this ERP ticket was to create a supplier scorecard dashboard.

The Summary Pane

This pane shows the vendor’s name, the purchase total, return material percent, quality cost, quality count, quality percent, PO Count, Wuality rating (based on Quality number vs overall receipts) Late deliveries, Late Percent, Early, Early Percent, Over (qty received vs ordered amount), Under (qty received vs ordered amount), Avg Over/Under (percent of deliveries that were either over or under). 

All other panes are filtered by this pane.

The Delivery Details Pane

This pane shows the vendor’s name, the part ordered, the PO number, the Requested date from the PO, the receipt date, the days late/early, status of being “On Time” “Late” or “Early”

The Total Dollars Pane

This pane shows the vendor’s name, the part number, the PO number, the receipt date, total amount in stock, the total cost of that stock, the purchased qty (received qty), the purchase cost, the requested qty.


This dashboard filters the date of the receipts, to do this the filter is applied in the BAQ, because the filter needed to be applied to fields in the sub-queries not in the top-level query. 

This means that when the user clicks “Refresh” the date range parameter will be a pop-up and not actually on a tracker view in the dashboard.

Also, there is a supplier’s name begins with parameter. This must be filled in first, then click refresh then put in the date range.


Ran without a supplier filter it will grab all receipts in the date range:

Epicor system training supplier scorecard dashboard

Step by step:

User can enter the first part of a name if they want:

erp training supplier scorecard dashboard screen

When they click refresh a pop-up of the date will appear:

erp training supplier scorecard dashboard

The dashboard will then populate, clicking a row in the top Summary pane will filter the lower two panes.

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