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Epicor ERP System: WIP Inspection App

This ERP solution helped the customer track parts that were in process. 

The user can create attributes they want measured.  Then by part number, create groups of attributes and their tolerances to be used in an inspection process. The inspection process is done by Licenses Plate Number and Part Number, each job/part having a unique Licenses Plate Number

This solution uses UD tables to store these values.  Five UD tables in total are being used.

Attribute Entry Screen

WIP inspection attributes, Epicor on demand

This screen allowed the user to add attributes and define their Test Type, UOM, and Description. Each attribute is a different aspect of a part they might measure during the inspection process.

WIP Inspection Screen

WIP inspection Epicor dashboard

This screen allows the user to create a record for a specific part number.  Then the user can add Attributes (build in the first screen) to the part for each aspect of the part they want to measure. 

They can mark the attribute as required and enter in a Min/Max value for the measurement.  If an attribute has a Test Type of Note or Drop Down it does not have a Min/Max value, they are used only for informational purposes.

WIP Inspection Results Screen

ERP Epicor WIP inspection dashboard

WIP inspection app erp consultants near me

This screen is made up of two tabs, the first tab is where the user creates a record using the Licenses Plate Number and Part Number to create a unique record. 

This will pull the Parts WIP Inspection in (created in the previous screen). The inspection now occurs and the user enters in the values they get from their inspection into the screen. 

If the part is out of tolerance, then the row is highlighted red and the header record shows that this inspection is a FAIL. 

The screen also displays if the Licenses Plate is ON HOLD because of a failed inspection.  This can be overridden by using the Override button. 

If the Override button is used then the record is still a FAIL but the Licenses Plate Record is taken off of HOLD.

If the part is within tolerance then the inspection is marked as a Pass.