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How to Change System Wide Sort Settings in Epicor® 10

Did you know you can change the sort settings in Epicor® 10 for any of the search boxes?

E10 has two different sorting options you can use system wide. These options are String Sort and Word Sort.

  • String Sortis the Epicor® default, and for this sort, all characters are given an equal “weight” for positioning.
  • Word Sortis the Microsoft® default and for this sort, specialty characters are given almost no “weight” in sort positioning. The Hyphen (-) is the most visible of these specialty characters.

Changing this setting can be done in the Configuration Files for whichever environment you wish to change the sort settings for. You can also use them both at the same time!

Let’s say you wish to leave the String Sort as the default but want other records sorted by the Word Sort; all of this can be done with the Configuration File. If you wish to learn more about changing your sort settings, contact us and we will be more than happy to help you out.


Go Remote with your System Administrator

Practical Technology Systems provides its clients with a dedicated Epicor® system admin. This administrator is an invaluable resource who helps you maintain your system without adding to your overhead or taking up your staff’s time. Additionally, you do not need to worry about staff turnover with an outside system admin. Other benefits of an outside system admin include:

  • Experience in multiple different versions
  • Expertise in data training and best practices
  • Ability to help with server diagnostics

Businesses can save money with the reduced overhead and save time without the constant need to train backup system admins. Instead, a dedicated system admin is always available.

Practical Technology Solution’s client Kadant Black Clawson has greatly benefited from the company’s support:

“Their technical quality has been excellent and their cost reasonable. PTS has always been able to address our requirements even in emergency situations. I would recommend PTS as a partner for Epicor® technical services and continue to use them.”

Duplicate Data Entry

Homegrown systems lead to increasing inefficiencies as the needs of your company grow beyond the system’s capabilities. One of the greatest inefficiencies of a homegrown system is its lack of integration. If your company operates in multiple different locations, or even in one location with multiple different users, data often settles into isolated silos. This makes it harder to find and use important information.

When a system is poorly integrated, users waste time searching for data. Often, duplicate data entry occurs in an effort to avoid data silos. Duplicate software data entry not only wastes your employees’ time, but it can also be inaccurate and incomplete — which is wasteful and has the potential to actively harm your business’ day to day.

While you are sifting through duplicate data, your system is likely only showing you historical data. On the other hand, modern ERPs provide real-time data access. It is important to have access to the most up-to-date information when making any sort of decision that could affect your business or your customers. 

Homegrown systems can cost you both time and production in the long run. Trying to navigate data silos, wasting time on duplicate manufacturing data entry and basing decisions on historical data can negatively affect your business. A well-implemented Epicor® system can help you reduce the amount of time you spend on data entry, increase the accuracy and timeliness of your data and overall streamline your system’s processes.

 Unique Sports Products, Inc. commented on how Practical Technology Solutions and Epicor® helped automate and streamline data entry processes and reports.

“So far Jim and a group from PTS have come in to do a CRP/training session for two days that was extremely helpful. They have also developed and installed a customized program to assist in automated order entry and processing, shipment entry and processing and have developed customized SSRS reports. They have always addressed our concerns in a timely manner, and are very conscientious about costs, and very detailed in their work.”

Finding the Right Partner

The switch from a homegrown system to an ERP like Epicor® can be intimidating. After all, a homegrown system is familiar, and an ERP is a significant investment. Instead of clinging to what is comfortable, perform an objective analysis of your current system. Questions to ask yourself include:

  • Can the system easily adapt to the growing needs of the business?
  • How streamlined are the processes managed by your homegrown system?
  • How disruptive would it be if the IT director or a programmer left?
  • Does the system fall prey to duplicate data entry?
  • Do you notice inaccurate or incomplete data?
  • Have users raised questions about productivity related to the system?

If the answers to these questions make you stop and think about the sustainability of your current setup, it is time to think about switching to a Epicor®. It has the scalability to grow with your company, the customization to meet your company’s needs and the integration to avoid duplicate and inaccurate data entry. This increased functionality has the power to save your business time and money, while dramatically increasing productivity.

However, you do not have to make the transition alone. Practical Technology Solutions is an independent professional services company that can help your business with every aspect of implementation to ongoing maintenance. The company offers services including:

  • New installs
  • Upgrades
  • Development
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • System admin support
  • And more