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How Can Epicor® Help My Business Grow?

A reliable ERP system is practically a must for any business today. Learn how Epicor® helps your business grow using:

Team Collaboration

One of the major benefits is how it can help your team and your clients work more effectively together using collaborative tools. Features include social capabilities, as well as data mining and sharing capabilities, allowing users to delve deep into your business’ data, resolving problems and identifying opportunities.

Client collaboration is an undeniable benefit of Epicor®, which harnesses the power of tested social networking tools and techniques to make sharing and absorbing information easy for customers. Easier and faster data mining and information sharing means employees can react faster to new situations, allowing a greater opportunity to take advantage of opportunities and resolve issues quickly.

Epicor® breaks down barriers between departments so all employees can communicate easily, even between ERP users and Non-ERP users.

Software Responsiveness

Fast and easy to use, providing the fastest experience available with quick response times and an easy learning curve. Streamline upgrades, eliminate waiting time and see your business grow. The quick responsiveness that brought to your operation means closer contact with customers, business partners, and vendors. If there’s a problem, a question or a change in the relationship, you can respond to it fast to make sure it goes your way.

ERP Simplicity

Among other extremely useful benefits is the fact that Epicor® is completely Microsoft-based, making upgrades extremely easy and customizations a breeze. Even better, our easy-to-understand, touchscreen-enabled interface means your team will be up to speed on the software in no time.

Software Mobility

Free yourself from the confines of your desk with Epicor® ERP’s mobile capabilities. Whether on your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer, accessing and responding to contacts immediately is easier than ever.

Advantages of using Epicor®

Some of the main advantages people find with the software are that it’s flexible and customizable, with a service-oriented architecture that makes it compatible with many existing systems.

We Can Help You Maximize Your Software

Practical Technology Solutions provides independent services and support to help you get the most out of your software. Still not sure if Epicor® is right for you? Contact us online or give us a call at 419-557-2225 and we’d be happy to help.