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What Happens When Your Employee(s) Leave?

Homegrown systems are built in-house, meaning they are the work of one person or a small group of people. Your talented IT director and programmers who create that system are in charge of maintenance and system training. They know everything about the system and how to teach others how to use it.

Internal support seems like a valuable asset, but employees are not guaranteed to stay with your company indefinitely. If your IT director and programmers leave for another job or retire, they take all of their expertise and knowledge of the system with them. They may have time to help train their replacement, but it is unlikely they will be able to share all of their knowledge before their departure.

Once they leave, you will either be faced with a significant loss of time, money and productivity as your current staff struggles to learn how to maintain the system. If the system goes down, your business will struggle even more.

Instead of waiting for the day when your company ultimately outgrows its homegrown system and loses the people who built it, you can transition to Epicor®.

Epicor® provides your business with the customization that made a custom solution so attractive. It also eliminates the inevitability of outgrowing the software. Epicor® is designed for scalability — the system will grow as your company grows. Additionally, you will not have to rely on the expertise of people who will not always be with your company.