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What is Drill Down?

When PTS reports are developed for our customer in Epicor® SSRS and viewed through a web browser the user gets the ability to employ drill down sections in the report.

Drill down sections are sections in the report that are initially hidden, however when the user clicks on a ‘+’ symbol a previously suppressed section then becomes visible.

I’ve found this most useful during our Epicor® Development when trying to review large sets of data that impact situational decision making.

For example, if a material is shared throughout multiple production parts and stock for that material is needed for multiple open jobs; a report might have a summary of that material’s on hand quantities compared to the demand on the production floor.

If a user reviews the report and sees the demand is greater than the on hand a quantity the ability to drill down to a more granular view that shows details related to the individual jobs could help with scheduling, purchasing, or job priority decisions to keep important customers happy.

Readability is truly the key to what makes drill down sections helpful. This allows report pages to not be cluttered with un-needed information that can make the overall picture harder to see.

The ability to analyze data is a powerful tool in today’s manufacturing landscape and drill downs are one way our Epicor® SSRS solutions is bringing that power to our customers.