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What is Epicor® Social Enterprise?

Epicor® Social for Epicor® 10 is a network that was created to exchange critical information and increase communication from a central location. In the past, you would need to enforce Epicor® BPM’s to receive notifications when certain conditions exist or events occur within the database. With Epicor® Social, you can define certain rules to receive notifications on any desired situation within the database without the use of a BPM. The system is very similar to Twitter. The news feed displays on your main menu. It enables you to share company information, events and updates to all of your followers instead of sending out mass emails. You can also follow a “Hot” order to view in real time status updates based on the path of the order. As well as you can track many other transactions that you are interested in. Epicor® Social can be configured to get alerts for any type of record. Whether it be a customer, supplier, purchase orders, etc. You can receive alerts on your timeline when such situations/events occur within the system.