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Why should you upgrade now?

  • There are many business reasons:
    • Epicor ERP 10 has been out since April of 2014
    • Operations and growth have outpaced your ERP version

Certain versions of Microsoft server operating systems aren’t certified or compliant on older versions of Epicor

  • ERP version has reached or is approaching obsolescence
  • Maximized your current versions capabilities and now need more functionality
  • Need more functionality, but your current 10-15-year version of Epicor cannot keep up
  • There is a business risk of using an aged ERP system to run your business
  • Faster workflows, SOP’s, steps, and clicks increase productivity
  • Support becomes more difficult as your ERP version ages
  • For your business, it’s time to take a serious look at bringing your Epicor ERP system to the 21stcentury