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Why Upgrade now?

  • What are the Business cases?
    • Epicor ERP 10 has been out since April of 2014
    • Is the need for your current servers operating systems version outpacing your ERP version?
      • Certain versions of Microsoft server operating systems aren’t certified or compliant on older versions of Epicor
    • Is your ERP version reaching obsolescence?
    • Do you feel you’ve maximized your current versions capabilities and now need more functionality?
    • Are you seeking more functionality but merely don’t have it in your current 10-15 or 20-year version of Epicor?
    • How comfortable are you with the business risk of using such an aged ERP system to run your business?
    • Are you interested in shorter workflows, SOP’s, steps, clicks to become more efficient as whole for your ERP users?
    • Recognition of slower response time/support/help desk – general Q&A’s occur for older ERP versions; the knowledge base is more difficult to obtain on ERP systems that are aged
  • Isn’t it time to take a serious look at bringing your Epicor ERP system up to the 21st century for your business?

What are the costs for upgrading?

  • The costs are always more than just the database conversion step. There’s consulting time for discussing your pain points utilizing the knowledge of an expert matching your specific needs to the new versions capabilities to take advantage of the feature reach E10 version
  • Costs can also come from how old your version is. Upgrading form 9 to the latest of 10 takes less time than if you are on 8.03 or older; the jump in the technology and functionality will increase the projects time
  • The typical milestones are: (the budgetary estimate in () below are what we typically see; however please contact me directly for a more accurate picture)
    • (8-24 hrs.) Perhaps a BPR (Business Process Review)/Company ERP use of audit/Company & Plant configuration reviewing. Discussions about what’s troublesome, inefficient and pain points. Let’s identify together where we can uncover opportunities. Are you using side systems, external systems, Excel far too much due to limitations? Etc.…
    • (80-120 hrs.) Database conversions, migrations, supplemental installations, configurations, setups, upgrades, workbench executions, sys admin steps, server sizing, hardware setup, SSRS & SQL configuring, database tuning, app server setups to mention a few of the very important steps
    • (8-80 hrs.) Technical uplifts. Progress ABL to C# converting/testing. VB.NET & .NET to C# converting/testing. Crystal reports converted to SSRS. BPM’s, Dashboards, customizations that require attention to properly run for you in E10
    • (24-80 hrs.) Training. Providing professional training sessions that perhaps have never been done. Or a tailored approach of only the changes. Knowing how to use E10 is key to the efficiency of your users and directly impacts their productivity.
    • (24-80 hrs.) CRP (Conference room pilot). This milestone is after all training has been completed and all technical uplifts have been concluded. This is the final step before GO LIVE with a group of PTS experts onsite leading the CRP with your scripts or scripts composed collaboratively ensuring a full testing of all QTC steps linked to your typical business ERP processing needs.
    • (24-80 hrs.) GO LIVE.
    • (8-40 hrs.) Post GO LIVE support.
    • (8 hrs.) First month end support.
  • With these milestones & development activities the projects costs can vary extensively.
  • Call today to schedule a free consultation to work on a scope and plan of activities based on your needs and with that outline we can identify the costs.

How long does an upgrade take?

  • The duration varies based on the size of your company, # of users, complexity of your needs, the volume of technical uplifts, how much training you’d like to include and so on. Typically, the actions are laid out in the scope (the free consultation meeting with Jim) and those activities are commonly performed over a 2-7-month span. Some companies completed all of the steps in 2 or 3 months, whereas others need 7 to 9 months because of the disruption and internal demands for resources are your company.

Why use PTS?

  • Purely and simply – PTS offers the most experience at the most competitive price in the market. And we have the advantage of knowing your processes, product and procedures by working with your business and servicing your needs.
  • We have performed 60+ upgrades & new installations; so, we’ve seen just about everything.
  • We have a full staff to cover all of your needs from A to Z – server sizing to security to SOX/GAAP to consultants to developers to CRP to GO LIVE and afterwards, we have full knowledge & experience from end to end; this given our rate places us as the best advantage for your business