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Archive for October 2016

Our Customer Service Approach

Practical Technology Solutions always treats the needs of our customers with utmost urgency and responsiveness. That has always been our mantra, but we are now taking it one step further. In order to keep our customers aware of the current status of any task, we developed an in-house task system that has many features.  Among […]

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Streamline your Business

Streamlining Epicor® business processes translates into speed, and speed is an important part of the manufacturing process.  We have developed Epicor® Customizations within a hand held shipping screen that reduced data entry down to merely a few barcode scans and a button click.  No mouse or keyboard required!  This dramatically improved shipping transaction speed, and […]

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It’s the little things that count…….

A great feature that was built into Epicor® version 10.1 is the ability to use Automatic Sign On. Automatic sign on is similar to Single Sign on which uses your windows domain accounts to login to Epicor®, but with Epicor® Automatic Sign On, it uses your Epicor® ID and password. Epicor® Auto Sign On behaves […]

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