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Archive for December 2016

How to use the DateAdd() Function to Get the First of the Year

The DateAdd() function shows up in some Epicor® reporting tools but in this blog post I’ll be focusing on using it in a BAQ’s (Business Activity Query) criteria. This function is useful any time you are trying to calculate a date based on another date. Which helpful for us because we are trying to find […]

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Create Customer Shipments with Just a Few Clicks

Epicor® gives you the tools to really build anything you want.  We were able to build a screen in Epicor® that allows users to search and select Sales Orders, and create Packs from them.  All they would have to do is select the Orders they wished to create Packs for, and click a button.  This […]

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PTS is hiring!

Entry-level IT developer/system administrator required for growing software business. Seeking someone who is teachable and eager for challenges. Pluses would be: Exposure to ERP manufacturing systems, Crystal reports, C#, System Administration and .NET programming tools. Local candidates only. Interested applicants can send their resume to: info@practicaltek.com

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History of Epicor®

The History of Epicor® Software The Epicor® Software Corporation has been providing industry-focused software for small and mid-sized businesses for more than 30 years. It’s a privately held company that few from a small shop founded in 1984 to an ERP giant with more than $900 million in revenue for fiscal year 2016. Epicor® Software […]

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Create Custom Epicor® BPMs

How to Use Epicor® to Create Custom BPMs With any business software, there is a bit of an adjustment period. Familiarizing yourself with all the functions and keys can be complicated, and when you are running an organization, learning all the capabilities of your software is paramount. However, what happens when your prepackaged software solution […]

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