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Archive for December 2019

Can I reverse a receipt?

 Yes, to a certain extent. In Receipt entry, find the PO and pack slip previously received. Locate the received line you want to ‘unreceive’ and delete that line. If that line is the only line on the pack, you can delete the line and then delete the pack. If you’re going to receive the line […]

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Keeping an Unfirm Job

In Job Status Maintenance, what if we have a Job suggestion we don’t want to “Firm” at this given time? It may be needed soon, but we have other jobs to run first. What are our options? You could simply ignore the job suggestion at this time. As long as the demand is still there […]

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Removing Debit Notes from the Aged Receivables Report

A customer posted debit notes during the cash receipts process by mistake. The clerk processed a cash receipts reversal and then did an adjustment for the short payments. Is there any way to get the debit notes removed from the ‘Aged Receivables Report’ – or are they on it indefinitely? It’s throwing their general ledger […]

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