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Archive for August 2016

Custom PO Approval Notification solution by Practical Technology Solutions, LLC….

Ever ran into a situation where you were left in the dark regarding an Epicor® Purchase Order that needs to be escalated for approval? Currently, Epicor® doesn’t provide the out of the box functionality to notify users when their purchase order has been approved or denied. Practical Technology Solutions, LLC has enhanced this process with […]

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Epicor Social Enterprise

Epicor® Social for Epicor® 10  is a network that was created to exchange critical information and increase communication from a central location. In the past, you would need to enforce Epicor® BPM’s to receive notifications when certain conditions exist or events occur within the database. With Epicor® Social, you can define certain rules to receive […]

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Drill Down Capability

When PTS reports are developed for our customer in Epicor® SSRS and viewed through a web browser the user gets the ability to employ drill down sections in the report. Drill down sections are sections in the report that are initially hidden, however when the user clicks on a ‘+’ symbol a previously suppressed section […]

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Making the move to SQL and Epicor® 10 has lots of advantages

If you are still using Epicor® 9 or Vantage and are debating on whether or not to upgrade to SQL and Epicor® 10 PTS can tell you from first-hand experience it’s a great choice to upgrade.  SQL can seem to be intimidating at first but once you learn some basic requirements and use it the […]

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Epicor® Quick Searches

What is an Epicor® Quick Search: A quick search is a BAQ that the user can manipulate by entering in parameters.  It works similarly to a BAQ Report or a Crystal Report, but is used EXCLUSIVELY as a search tool. When to develop an Epicor® Quick Search: It is best to develop a Quick Search when the […]

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