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Archive for September 2016

Custom BPM’s

Now in Epicor® 10 developing custom BPMs that send an email are more versatile than ever. With Epicor’s move from ABL to C# for BPM custom code this opens the door to being able to gather, calculate, and send information more effectively.  Whether it’s notifying key personnel about an important order information, sharing project milestones […]

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PTS – All things Epicor and More

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Education is Key

Has it been a while since the Epicor® users at your company have had any formal training? Or any Epicor® training at all? Have any potential bad habits or poor practices surfaced from no Epicor® Training? How long has it been since your Epicor® Company and Epicor® Plant configurations have been audited? Does the potential […]

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Dead Stock / Obsolete Stock Dashboard

The Manufacturing Industry is always changing, and so is your product. After a business moves forward onto green pastures, some Parts can get left back in the dirt and forgotten about. If you take a look at all of the parts in your Epicor® database you’ll have more than a few Parts that should be […]

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PTS Expertise

Practical Technology Solutions (An Independent Epicor® services provider) has an Epicor® Development staff that solely performs Epicor® Customizations on an hourly basis. We have supported many versions, include Epicor® ERP 10. We are craftsman and purveyors of the Epicor™ ERP System. If you require Epicor® Development or can use us to perform an Epicor® Migration […]

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