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Archive for December 2018

Calculating Indirect Activity Using Conversions

Multiplied by 60 to get hours because the time displays in minutes by default. This was used to fix the date calculation for when someone worked passed midnight. Originally Epicor® wouldn’t add a day to the ClockOutDate. These next 2 fields are to make the option field that normally only shows the Date & Time, show […]

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Receive PO Lines by Simply Clicking on Them

In the Receipt Entry screen, we added a grid that displayed all the PO Lines yet to be received.  In this grid, if the user double-clicked one of the rows, the screen would automatically flag the line as Received.  This drastically reduced the receipt entry process for this customer.

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Create Jobs from the Nonconformance Screen with a Button Click

In the Nonconformance screen, we placed buttons in the Operation, PO Receipts, and RMA tabs.  When clicked, these buttons would use the fields from each associated tab to auto-generate Jobs.  Not only that, after creating the Jobs, the screen would automatically schedule and release them.

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Automate the Approval Process and Revision for Specifications

In the Specification Maintenance screen, we added an Inspection Attributes tab that utilized custom tables to store additional attributes for each specification.  Additionally, we automated the approval process entirely, as well as, auto-generated revisions and defaults.  This simplified the revision and approval process while allowing them to create more detailed Specifications.

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Dynamic Query Extraction in Epicor® using Recursive Linking

In this Task, I was able to successfully implement Recursive linking into a Query. The Queries objective was to grab all parts that had been sold in the last two years. But also needed to include the Components that went into that part as well as the sequential BOM Levels (0,1,2,3). Then final combine that […]

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