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Archive for November 2023

ERP System: Supplier Scorecard Dashboard

The goal of this ERP ticket was to create a supplier scorecard dashboard. The Summary Pane This pane shows the vendor’s name, the purchase total, return material percent, quality cost, quality count, quality percent, PO Count, Wuality rating (based on Quality number vs overall receipts) Late deliveries, Late Percent, Early, Early Percent, Over (qty received […]

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Epicor ERP – Open Orders Dashboard

Sales Order Backlog (Open Orders) dashboard This dashboard was made to show similar data as the Sales Order Backlog report.  It was made with two simple filers, the Required By (ship by) date of the SO Release and the Name of the customer.  This dashboard only shows OPEN orders.  The Release Qty column is the […]

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Epicor On Demand – Material Grade Measurements App

This solution helped the customer track whether or not certain purchased part materials were within spec (min/max) when the material arrived at their facility.  LS is involved in metals and they test them to ensure the makeup of the metal fell within their needed specifications.  They called these specifications “MetGrades” (material grades).  We tied a […]

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Epicor ERP Solution – Labor Qty Report

Labor Qty. This is a report that shows the amount (Labor Qty) produced in a date range (by labordtl.clockindate) broken down by resource group / resource. Also has a resource group filter.

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Epicor System: Job Due Date and Scheduling App

The customer wanted to streamline their time-consuming task of updating many JobHead records with new Required By dates. In addition to changing the required by dates, this solution also needed to reschedule the jobs as the Required by Dates changed. They also needed to update the dates using Excel as they already maintained this outside […]

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