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Archive for December 2023

Epicor Solution – Aged AR Invoices by Sales Rep Dashboard

Solution Overview for Aged AR Invoices by Sales Rep Dashboard: This is a dashboard that shows aged AR Invoices grouped by the sales rep assigned to the sales order. The top pane shows a summary of the aged AR invoices in thirty-day buckets and the bottom pane shows the invoices used in that summary.

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ERP Software: ACH Positive Pay Dashboard

This is a ACH/Positive Pay Dashboard that seems to be a somewhat common request. Companies are using the dashboard to export to excel to then send to their banks to make sure no fraud is occurring. The dashboard may need tweaked to match what the customers bank requires field wise but they are generally similar. 

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Epicor ERP Total Sales Dashboard

Solution Overview for the Total Sales Dashboard: This is a dashboard that shows total sales within a date range for specific sales persons.  This shows the order totals for each sales person, the total sales for all sales persons, the average sale amount, a pie chart showing each sales person’s amount in regards to the […]

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ERP System: Stock History Dashboard

This dashboard show all on hand qty’s receipts dates based on the part class. This dashboard uses LOT NUMBERS to link part bin data to receipt data.

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ERP Order Closing Dashboard

Epicor Order Closing Dashboard The goal of this dashboard is to aid the user in finding orders that are ready to be closed. It does this by getting all the open orders and showing the user their releases.  Each row has a value in the “Shipped and Invoiced” column that indicates if the row has […]

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